3 Axis VMC Drill 

Rigidity in Action, Smooth Drilling
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Core AdvAntages

  • Hardened & Ground Guideways
  • Most Efficient for Rough Machining
  • Higher Depth of cut
  • Operator Friendly Design
  • Customization Possible
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Suitable for all material Casting, Forging, MS, SS, etc.


  • Rigid Bed with Flat Saddle Construction
  • Rigid Headstock & Heavy-Duty Oil Cooled Spindle
  • 90° Tiltable Operator Panel
  • Electronic Hand Wheel (MPG)
  • Hydraulic Unit with 1.5 HP Motor
  • Centralized & Programmable Lubrication
  • High-Pressure Auto Coolant system


  • Turret options (Liner, 4 tools, 8 tools)
  • Chuck options (Discuss application with Technical team)
  • System option (Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, other)
  • Chip/Scrape Conveyor
  • Steady Rest
  • Stabilizer

3 Axis VMC Drill

Max U Drillmm40 55
Max. Drill PCD mm500 1000
Max. Work Pice Dia mm6001100 
Chuck Size (manual)mm300 x 4 600 x 4
Travel (X / Y / Z Axis) mm500/500/400 1000/1000/400
Guideways (X / Y Axis) -Hardened Double V Guideways  Hardened Double V Guideways 
Guideways (Z Axis) -Roller Type LM GuidewaysRoller Type LM Guideways
Spindle Speed Range rpm50-300050-2000
Servo Spindle
Motor Power
kW 7.511 


This photo for better understanding. we made many more parts/components...