SPM Machine

polygon turning machine

Introducing our Polygon Turning Machine: precision-engineered for seamless production of intricate polygonal components. With advanced features and customizable settings, it's the ultimate solution for maximizing efficiency and quality in manufacturing. Elevate your production capabilities with unparalleled precision and reliability.

All Servo Axies Unleashed, Dual Mastery: Turning and Polygon Turning.
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Core AdvAntages

  • Hardened & Ground Guideways
  • Most Efficient for Rough Machining
  • Higher Depth of cut
  • Operator Friendly Design
  • Customization Possible
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Suitable for all material Casting, Forging, MS, SS, etc.


  • Rigid Bed with Flat Saddle Construction
  • Rigid Headstock & Heavy-Duty Oil Cooled Spindle
  • 90° Tiltable Operator Panel
  • Electronic Hand Wheel (MPG)
  • Hydraulic Unit with 1.5 HP Motor
  • Centralized & Programmable Lubrication
  • High-Pressure Auto Coolant system


  • Turret options (Liner, 4 tools, 8 tools)
  • Chuck options (Discuss application with Technical team)
  • System option (Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, other)
  • Chip/Scrape Conveyor
  • Steady Rest
  • Stabilizer

SPM Machine Specification

Polygon Combo Turning

Std. Turning Diamm100100
*Max. Turning Lengthmm100300
Travel (X / Z Axis)mm400/150 400/350
Rapid (X & Z Axis)m/min2424
Guideways (X / Z Axis) -Roller Type LM Guideways Roller Type LM Guideways
Servo Spindle Motor PowerkW5.55.5
Spindle NosenosA2-6A2-6
Max Bar Capacity mm 38 38
Chuck Size (3 jaw) mm 200 200
Spindle Speed Range rpm50-3000 50-3000
Tooling System-
8 Station turret
8 Station turret
Tail Stock-NoYes


This photo for better understanding. we made many more parts/components...